Version 1.7.9 of the MagHyst modular was published with multiple new features and improvements. It can be downloaded at Downloads / Software.

The recent version of MagHyst® modular software includes a new feature, several changes, and fixes.

The following new features are added:

  • The arrow keys can now be used to navigate in the project tree.

The behaviour of the software has changed as follows:

  • The database structure is updated on project opening to decrease file size and increase performance when accessing larger databases.
  • The database update process is optimized and gives a feedback about the database version.
  • B(H) and Psi(i) nodes are now listed at the top if available and the remaining nodes in alphabetic order thereafter.
  • Opening of database files by double-click now also works, if the last open project is not to to be opened automatically.
  • Changing the measurement object now resets the selection of additional measurement channels if those are not required.
  • The selected node is now marked, even if the focus changes to another panel.
  • The import function now checks for the version of the data to be imported and executes updates if required before import to the database.
  • Datasheets of step response measurements now contain black characteristics like datasheets for quasi-static measurements.
  • Some legacy node names are updated to the currently used names if present on opening of a database.
  • Project are opened faster now.
  • On renaming or adding of a project the focus is in the text field.
    More smaller changes are listed in the changelog.

The following fixes besides others listed in the changelog are included in this software version:

  • The buttons for adding new measurements are sometimes not shown after opening of a project.
  • Active measurements disappear when renaming the currently open project.
  • Copying a measurement node by F3 may result in partially wrong measurement parameters if the new node is the first in 'active'.
  • Inconsistent measurement parameters may be saved to the database if another node is selected during a running measurement.
    •'Delete all' button for ASCII exports now clears the folder completely, not only subfolders and not files.
  • A possible dataloss is fixed when updating older databases which had been manually modified to allow for extra long measurements.
  • Different errors regarding the export of data, especially in conjunction with older databases, are fixed. See the changelog for more details on those fixes.

The following issues in this software version are known:

  • If another measurement node under 'active' is selected during a running measurement, the parameters of the newly selected node may be overwritten by the measurement parameters of the currently running measurement.