With exact analysis of samples and the determination of material properties the development of electromagnets can be made more efficient with the MagHyst® measuring system.

The measurement of magnetic actuators can be carried out without prior preparation of the samples, non-destructive. The measured data provide valuable information about the quality and function of the actuators. Thus, simulation results can be verified and the influence of design changes visualized.

An important factor for an optimal development process of electro magnets is the use of the correct B (H) characteristic values for the simulation of the actuators. MagHyst® modular offers the possibility to easily determine the material characteristics. In addition to the established measurement of toroidal core samples, MagHyst® measuring adapters can be used to measure various sample geometries, such as bars or sheets. This eliminates the time-consuming winding of the toroidal cores.

In order to evaluate the design, the execution of endurance tests is essential. Actuators with different control profiles can be actuated as often as desired with MagHyst® automation.
Each individual actuation is measured and stored. Thus, concrete statements on wear and tear and life time can already be made during development.

Metrological attendance for electromagnet development with MagHyst technology