MagHyst® modular is a computer-controlled modular measuring system, adjustable to customer specific testing and evaluation tasks.

MagHyst® modular is especially well suited for research and development departments as well as in test laboratories and research facilities dealing with the development and manufacturing of electromagnetic systems.

MagHyst modular for research and development

Due to the modular layout of this measuring device allmost all measuring objects, both coils and actuators with different electrical parameters, can be measured with a single device.

The entire spectrum of all standard solenoids is covered by different modules each of which is optimised to suit defined measuring and performance ranges.

With the versatile possible application MagHyst® modular is the perfect solution for the development process of electromagnets. Using the patented single coil measurement, functional samples and prototypes as well as standard components can be measured and analysed in real conditions without previous complex preparation.
The measured characteristics deliver a variety of information of the actuator:

  • Switching currents
  • Air gap
  • Stick-Slip-effects
  • Armature movement
  • Forces within the actuator such as friction and springs
  • Influences of the production process
MagHyst modular for research and development

Furthermore, MagHyst® modular offers the possibility to determine the B (H) characteristics of soft magnetic materials using by toroidal core probes or with MagHyst® measuring adapters. In addition to the verification of manufacturer information, customer-specific material databases for FEM simulations can thus be set up.

A demonstration video about setting up and usage of MagHyst® modular can be found on our Youtube-channel.

Technical specification

Maximalum current 10 A
Maximum voltage 24V
Dimensions (L x W x H) 470 mm x 270 mm x 160 mm
Weight ≈ 9 kg
Maximum Sample rate 30 kHz (0,033 ms) @ 16 bit
Interfaces USB, RS232

Available measurement ranges

  • 65 Ω – 4 kΩ
  • 1.8 Ω – 128 Ω (Standard)
  • 0.9 Ω – 64 Ω
  • 0.3 Ω – 21 Ω
  • Aks for additional measurement ranges