Measuring & Testing Technology
MagHyst® workstation

MagHyst® workstation is an extension for MagHyst® modular and MagHyst® automation. The workstation can be used to create a mobile and independent workplace for magnetic measurements.

MagHyst workstation as stand-alone workspace

The MagHyst® workstation includes all components that are needed:

  • MagHyst® measurement device
  • Computer
  • Monitor
  • Peripherals
  • UPS

The MagHyst® workstation can be adapted to specific customer requirements.

MagHyst workstation as stand-alone workspace

Technical specification

Dimensions: appr. 80 x 106 x 75 cm
Weight: approx. 125kg
USP: max. 2700W, appr. 700 Wh
Display: 24“, 1920x1200
Interfaces: Connection, Network, HDMI