Measuring & Testing Technology

MagHyst® technology is an innovative measuring and testing technology for sensorless and non-destructive determination of the magnetic properties of complex electromagnetic systems. The following characteristics can be detected:

  • Determination of the armature position
  • Analysis of the armature movement
  • Determination of the switching time
  • Analysis of the overall system relating to:
  1. Friction
  2. Preload
  3. Fluid force
  4. Remanencs force
  5. Wear and tear
  6. Detection of manufacturing failures

MagHyst® technology offers the possibility to analyze magnetic actuators over their entire life cycle. The MagHyst® device family is an important element on the way to Industry 4.0.

There is a presentation video about our MagHyst® technology available in our Youtube-channel that will explain function, principle, fields of application and benefits of our magnetic measurement technology.

Magnetic measurement technology MagHyst for nondestructive and sensorless testing of actuators