Version 1.7.7 of the MagHyst modular was published with multiple new features and improvements. It can be downloaded at Downloads / Software.

The recent version of MagHyst® modular software adds a new feature and contains a bugfix.

The following features are added:

  • For B(H) characteristics a filter function can be activated to get a smoother characteristics in areas of low magnetic field strength.
  • A link is added in the degaussing tool for the HowTo document to point to the newly added hints for degaussing parameter calculation.

The behaviour of the software has changed in the following aspects:

  • Starting the software by double-click on a mdf-file opens the database directly and not after the last opened database first.

The following problems are fixed in this release:

  • Values of measurement duration are wrong for qsm measurements.
  • Checks in panel display submenu can be set even if panel is closed.