Version of the MagHyst modular was published with multiple new features and improvements. It can be downloaded at Downloads / Software.

The most recent version of MagHyst® modular software includes several fixes and changes.

The following changes are noteworthy:

  • Export by F4 is now possible for a single characteristic, not only a complete measurement.
  • Auto-naming without usage of a naming scheme is improved.

The following fixes besides others are included in this software version:

  • A problem is fixed allowing a larger number of characteristics than 65536 in a database.
  • An unhandeled exception may occur when storing step response measurement data in a large database.

See the changelog for a complete list of fixes in this software version.

The following issues in this software version are known:

  • If another measurement node under 'active' is selected during a running measurement, the parameters of the newly selected node may be overwritten by the measurement parameters of the currently running measurement.