Version 1.7.11 of the MagHyst modular was published with multiple new features and improvements. It can be downloaded at Downloads / Software.

The recent version of MagHyst® modular software includes a new feature, several changes, and fixes.

The following new features are added:

  • Automatic naming of new measurements can now be configured in the properties panel.
  • A syntax check for the sql server instance name is added.

The behaviour of the software has changed as follows:

  • The sampling time of a quasi-static measurement is checked during input and set to minimal value if the current value is too small.
  • While degaussing the status is set correctly in the status bar and starting another measurement is not longer possible.
    More smaller changes are listed in the changelog.

The following fixes besides others listed in the changelog are included in this software version:

  • On start of a degaussing the 'Start Measurement' button for the quasi-static measurement could be deactivated and only reactivated by software restart.
  • The software had to be restartet after start of a measurement during degaussing.
  • The project tree on the left may not be filled correctly when a database is openend by the list of the most recently opened projects.
  • The drop-down list of available COM-ports is not updated after the list became empty because of removal of the last COM-port of the system.

The following issues in this software version are known:

  • Datasheet files may not be created in the output folder.
  • If another measurement node under 'active' is selected during a running measurement, the parameters of the newly selected node may be overwritten by the measurement parameters of the currently running measurement.