Version 1.7.1 of the MagHyst modular was published with multiple new features and improvements. It can be downloaded at Downloads / Software.

The recent version of MagHyst® modular software includes new functions and several fixes.

The following functions and features have been added:

  • A new naming scheme for ASCII export files has been introduced and used as default. The previous naming scheme can be reactivated in the settings window.
  • Measurement data in active node can be exported in XML file format.
  • A new ASCII export format to be used with coming versions of Solenoid Evaluator has been added.

The behaviour of the software has changed in the following aspects:

  • The time used for ASCII export with timestamp is no longer the current time but the time of measurement.
  • Parameter check is now executed on every parameter change and when changing the selected node in the project tree.
  • Psi(i) characteristics are no longer centered by default in auto mode if the exitation is not symmetrical.
  • Calculation of Br and Hc optimized for material measurements.
  • Br and Hc are not calculated for material measurements if exitation is not symmetrical.

The following fixes are included in this software version:

  • Hiding of start curve in charateristics tool does not work.
  • Print options in context menu of tree node are disabled.