Version 1.7.3 of the MagHyst modular was published with multiple new features and improvements. It can be downloaded at Downloads / Software.

The recent version of MagHyst® modular software includes new functions and several fixes.

The following functions and features have been added:

  • Datasheet creation has been restructured to allow for a better customisation of datasheet design and header.See section 6.3 of the manual on how to adjust datasheet header content, image, and design to your needs.
    Please notice, than all previous customisation has to be transfered to the new structure provided by this release.In most cases this should only require to rename the already customised files according to the new naming convention.

The behaviour of the software has changed in the following aspects:

  • Characteristic images in datasheets do not have a visible frame anymore
  • Creating a measurement node by F3 now sets the newly created node as selected node to enable direct measurement by CTRL+M

The following fixes are included in this software version:

  • Some geometry parameters were wrong in datasheet and ASCII export, if the geometry parameters were changed after measurement is done and before storing to database
  • Program closes right after splash screen is shown if no serial COM-port is available
  • Wrong or no style is applied for comments connected to measurement characteristics in datasheet