Für die MagHyst modular Software wurde die Version mit zahlreichen neuen Funktionen und Verbesserungen unter Downloads / Software veröffentlicht.

Unter Anderem gibt es folgende Neuerungen:

  • fixed: possible NullReferenceException when importing -.mml-file
  • fixed: ASCII export disabled in context menu of project tree
  • fixed: Maxwell export independend from selected ASCII export format
  • fixed: Measured resistance is missing in some export files
  • fixed: project menu is disabled after disconnect from a remote database server and creating a new database file
  • fixed: inserted copy of a single sample in SRM measurement on segment change
  • changed: metadata is included when using copy&paste for parameters and measurements
  • changed: static panel content replaced by html pages including online content from webspace (to be activated in settings)
  • changed: projects listed in alphabetic order in project tree context menu
  • changed: repeating messages in message panel removed
  • changed: use of display property of characteristics instead of title property (only relevant for very old databases)
  • added: news shown on start panel, enable/disable in preferences
  • added: HowTo Measure Correctly included in help menu