Version 1.8 of the MagHyst® modular software with numerous new features and improvements has been published at Downloads / Software.

The release marks a major modification of the software, which means that from version 1.8 onwards it can only be operated with a licence dongle. In return, you will have the opportunity to expand your software and your MagHyst® modular with new features and functions in the future. Immediately upon release, a completely new measuring method is available in the form of Multi-SRM, which allows current and voltage profiles to be generated with up to 30 segments.

As an existing customer, you can obtain the licence dongle required to use the software from us at cost price, so that there are no further costs for using the MagHyst modular software with the previous range of functions, even from version 1.8. As part of the licence changeover, we have also revised our maintenance contract so that we can now offer it at a significantly lower price. With the conclusion of a maintenance contract, you now receive the full range of functions of the MagHyst® modular software, including all extensions, in addition to the annual calibration of your device. An overview of all extensions available at the start as well as all available accessories and the details of the new maintenance contract can be found in our new MagHyst product catalogue.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

With the new version of the MagHyst® modular software some bugs have been fixed and features have been added.

The following functions have been added:

  • Shift+F3 copies the parameters of a measurement without changing its name
  • Device and licence information is displayed in the Info window
  • Support for LocalDB 2022 or SQL Server 2022
  • separately licensed measurement method Multi-SRM
  • separately licensed consideration of the resistance change during the measurement with Multi-SRM
  • separately licensed conversion of Psi(i) curves into Psi(u) curves
  • separately licensed calculation of Psi(i) characteristics for magnet systems based on induced voltage in a measuring coil

The behaviour of the software has been changed in the following essential points:

  • The diode block is only displayed when it is activated
  • A message is added when a data sheet has been saved successfully
  • The measurement toolbar can be shown and hidden in the view menu

Bug fixes have been made including the following:

  • unhandled exception removed if the increment specification is missing in the automatic naming scheme
  • unhandled exception removed, which could occur when accessing incomplete measurement data
  • the error colour of individual input fields was partly not reset when changing the value to valid values

The following known problems are included in this software version:

  • If another measurement node is clicked under "active" while a measurement is running, its measurement parameters can be overwritten with those of the currently running measurement.